Required Tools and Inspection Tutorials

Below is a list of the required tools and inspection tutorials to get up and going doing mortgage occupancy inspections. 

Inspection Video Tutorials

GIS has put together a list of videos from YouTube that will give you a detailed overview of the tools and techniques needed to complete our inspections. The 5 videos are strongly suggested if you are new to the industry and should only take about 45 minutes to complete. 

1. InspectorADE Phone Application – 2:37

2. Photo Requirements – 12:54

3. Inspection Requirements – 9:06

4. InspectorADE Website and RouteADE – 12:50

5. Insurance Loss Draft Inspections – 7:15

Tools to get Started

You need a 1) smartphone, 2) printer 3) access keys and 4) fuel efficient transportation. 

Inspectors are required to carry Qwik-set key sets with the codes below to gain access to properties if instructed by the client. Use the link below to order your set. 

Key Codes Needed: A389, 35241, 44535, 52534, 64445, 67767, and 76667

Order Keys from either of these suppliers: MFS Supply or Carrdan

Software: InspectorADE Application

InspectorADS is the mobile and web application GIS uses to complete inspections. Download this application to your mobile device.


Support Telephone: (530) 365-2727

Support Email:

Android Download: Google Play Store Application

iPhone Download: Apple App Store Application

Background Check

Every inspector in the industry is required to maintain an Aspen Grove ABC background check. The cost is $90.00 and it is valid for 2 years. It can take 2-10 days to process. You will not be able to conduct any inspections until you have obtained your ABC number. The background check is run by a company called Clear Star. You will receive an email and text message from ClearStar which will let you know how to complete the background check. After complete, you will be issued an “ABC Number”.

Note that if you submit photos that do not meet the standard there will be an $8.00 reprocessing fee to resubmit. 

​Selfie Requirements:

– The selfie needs to be captured live and not pulled from a prior photo. 

– Images will need to be live/at the moment; no pre-taken images.

– Hold mobile device at face/eye level, centered – similar to Passport pictures.

– Frame will be from shoulders up only.

– Good lighting to avoid shadows/glares.

– No hats/glasses.

​ID Requirements:

For the ID images, please be sure to hold phone over the DL/passport to avoid glares/shadows.

– The ID image, text, bar/q codes will need to be legible.

– All four corners of ID are to be fully captured for processing – cannot be cut off.