3 Resources to Help You Grow Your Field Inspection Business

As a mortgage field inspector, lining up work is critical to your success. To help your business thrive, you can find new work and market yourself through these various resources.

Background Check

The mortgage field industry typically requires a Shield Hub background check. After the background check is complete Shield Hub will issue a unique number called an ABC # which will correspond to a background check rating. This ABC# is the industry standard background check. A rating of IC01 is required to conduct mortgage field inspections. The background check needs to be renewed every 2 years and costs $90. The ABC # will be used by you, the inspection companies you work with, their clients and the mortgage lenders to ensure that properly credentialed inspectors are inspecting the properties. When GIS comes across an inspector that already has the required ABC#, GIS is very likely to work with that individual.

To obtain an ABC #, visit: https://www.shieldhub.com/mortgage-background-check/

Online directories

Register with directories like these to market your services and search for regional companies who often post their listings here. You should identify which regional inspection firms are in your state by searching these directories. After identifying options, reach out via phone or email to introduce yourself and let them know your coverage area.

Field Service Directory


Society Of Field Inspectors, Inc.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are another great option to help mortgage field inspectors connect with other inspectors and get more plugged into the role and the industry overall.

Mortgage Field Inspectors

Occupancy Field Inspectors Network

Field Inspections

Growing your inspection business

Keep in mind that the ease in finding work as a field inspector will depend on the demand for inspections in your local area as well as the number of other qualified contract inspectors already working in your community. But getting connected with online resources like these will help boost your profile as a mortgage field inspector and help you find listings to help you build your business.

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